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What are your thoughts on the proposed oil drilling in the Pegasus Basin, off the coast of Wellington?

Asked by Zoe on Sep 19

Answers from the candidates:

John Morrison: Although not a WCC issue, I'm not comfortable with this and feel there are many threats around this for Wellington. We need to make sure our coast is protected.

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Jack Yan: It feels like we haven’t advanced from the 20th century. Drilling in the great Alpine faultline is reckless, and I am unconvinced that potential hazards can be contained. Nor am I convinced a foreign company would put us first. New Zealand’s future is in frictionless and high-tech exports, and fuel cells are more likely the way forward for cars.

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Rob Goulden: There is always the risk of earthquake and volcanic activity around New Zealand. I want to be assured that it is safe to drill at these depths before any drilling starts. Is there any greater risk than Taranaki, East Coast or off Christchurch. This could be a key change to grow our economy and capacity to be self sufficent if gas and oil are found.

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Celia Wade-Brown: We need to move towards renewables - Wellington has abundant wind, solar & marine energy. I've just led agreement to get solar panels onto 16 schools. Overseas oil importation can also be risky & our society still uses oil for transport, plastics & machinery. If government gives the go-ahead to deep sea drilling, it must ensure safety & insurance.

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Nicola Young: This is not a Wellington City Council issue.

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Karunanidhi Muthu: Council, in reality, has no say in this matter. Given the seismic risks and the fact it is so close to the capital gives me jitters. The temptation to exploit our natural resources in the name of progress and economic benefits must be held against our responsibility to the future generations.

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